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Our game console excels at simulating a variety of game modes created for mil-sim sports such as airsoft, paintball and laser games. The following games that are currently supported:

In the game, the goal of the attacking team is to deliver the “bomb” to a designated activation point, the number and location of which is determined by the organizer. After capturing the activation site, the attacking team starts the process of activating the bomb by entering a randomly generated five-digit code. At the same time, the defending team must disarm the “bomb” by entering another randomly generated five-digit code during the countdown. Failure to defuse the bomb within the allotted time will result in a simulated “explosion”, which is signaled via Duncal Comms and wireless speakers.

The game console produces no smoke or other fire hazards.

Up to 16 teams compete for control of a designated point of interest. Teams secure a point by holding down a designated button, whereupon the game console will start counting points for that team based on time. The winner is determined either by reaching a set point threshold or by the expiration of a game timer set by the organizer. Speakers, which are linked through Duncal Comms, signal changes in scoring or the end of the game, increasing the overall game overview.

In development is the ability to play the game with multiple connected dominator devices at the same time.

The seach and destroy game is similar to the bomb game mode. The difference is that both the attacking and defending teams must figure out the code designated by the organizer in order to plant or defuse the bomb. As a rule, players must first find the code before they can manipulate the bomb. Which team will plant the bomb does not have to be determined in advance and this strategic decision has to be made by the teams themselves during the game.

The code is a five-digit code and is determined by the organiser before the game by entering it into the console

Game mode similar to Search & Destroy, the difference is in the main role of the teams. The bomb is activated at the beginning of the game and hidden by the organizer. To defuse it, the correct code must be found and entered. The team that finds the code and the bomb and successfully defuses it wins.

Game time limits can be several hours

Game mode can only be played with multiple speakers and unlimited consoles. Each team (depending on the number of speakers) has its own activation zone (plant site). During the game, the goal of the teams is to bring the bomb(s) as close as possible to the activation zone of the enemy team. At the end of the time limit, the team that had the bomb closer to its activation zone is evaluated and is awarded a penalty point for each bomb. The team with the fewest penalty points wins.

Points are evaluated by speakers, the more speakers, the more activation zones


The game console is equipped with upgradeable software that allows for feature expansion (new game modes, etc.). Connect the console to your computer with a USB cable, select the desired version in the Duncal desktop application and load it onto the device. In case you are interested in regular updates, feel free to subscribe to our beta testing program, where we try to implement every suggestion and request for you as soon as possible. Any software bugs will be fixed in free updates. We also plan to release paid optional updates bringing brand new features to the console.

High standard of durability

The game console case is made of sturdy 2mm stainless steel, making it resistant to damage from airsoft or paintball pellets. This durable cover also serves as a protective barrier to shield the internal electronics from lasers emitted by laser guns.

Durable Plexiglas is used to protect the display, providing comprehensive protection against various forms of damage. This ensures the durability and longevity of the display to withstand harsh conditions, increasing the product’s longevity.

The waterproof mechanical keyboard is built to withstand the harshest conditions. It is built to the highest standards and outperforms its membrane counterparts in durability, ensuring durability in demanding conditions. We offer both plastic and metal keyboards.

The integrated battery is designed to power the game console for a minimum of 24 hours of gameplay without the need for recharging. Currently, charging will disable the device so it cannot be used while charging.

For connecting to a computer and charging the battery, we chose USB B for its durability and robustness. The game console comes with a dust shield for the USB connector.

We also supply plastic holders for better handling of the console. Thanks to them, the console will hold firmly in the hands of players even with gloves. The handles are 3D printed so everyone can personalise the console. In case of interest, it is possible to deliver the console with wooden handles.

The console comes with a carabiner for attaching to players’ gear or for attaching the console anywhere on the field.

Extended warranty

If you pay for the extended warranty, we will update your console every 6 months as part of the price and fix any beauty defects. Email us for more information.

Durable plastic case

For an additional charge, we will also supply a durable plastic case with the console. The carrying case makes the console and several speakers more convenient to carry, and if the organizer requires a static console that won’t be carried, the case can be used while playing.



The wireless speaker receives information from other devices on the field and emits sound signals. The Duncal Comms protocol ensures compatibility between all Duncal devices and a reliable wireless connection between them. In this way, players are kept informed of the progress of the game. Signaled events include:

  • Bomb activation and deactivation

  • End of game

  • Capturing of the Dominator

  • Voice messages about the time until the end of the bomb explosion

and many more.


The wireless speakers are manufactured to Duncal standards. Durable, metal and with integrated battery. The software is updatable as with the console.

The speakers support up to 8 channels according to the standard Duncal Comms protocol, allowing 8 parallel games to be played simultaneously. As a result, you don’t have to worry about cross-talk between Duncal devices, even if the signals overlap.